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Linda Farrow - Sunglasses & Optical Frames

Linda Farrow - Sunglasses & Optical Frames

Sunglasses & Optical Frames

From precious fine jewellery to rare vintage pieces, Linda Farrow’s sunglasses set the standard for luxury eyewear. Since 1970, Linda Farrow has been famed for innovative fashion-forward sunglasses of the very highest quality.

Brief History on Linda Farrow

A clothing designer by training, Linda Farrow was among the first to treat sunglasses as fashion. Her eponymous eyewear label, established in 1970, quickly rose to acclaim among stylish Londoners and the international jet set. A tireless experimenter, Farrow pioneered shapes and styles that remain au courant today, including the avant-garde wraparounds that were Yoko Ono’s signature 70’s look. Linda Farrow’s relentless pursuit of luxury, innovation and cutting–edge design continue to mark the brand almost forty years later.

Linda Farrow Today

Renowned for its fine jewellery and luxe collections, its collaborations with many of the world’s most acclaimed designers, and its unprecedented range of vintage originals (over 2000 styles from the 70’s and 80’s), Linda Farrow has established itself as one of the most exciting brands in fashion today, with a steady stream of coverage in the world’s most prestigious publications, frequent celebrity sightings (on the likes of Kate Moss, Madonna and Kanye, to name but a few) and groundbreaking new projects on the way.

Come in store to view some of the latest sunglasses and optical frames from the latest collection by Linda Farrow.