Optometry in the 21st Century by ZEISS

The ZEISS i.ProfilerPLUS is an advanced diagnostic tool that analyses your eyes to a level of detail far beyond traditional methods.

This innovative technology helps your optometrist to understand all the normal refractive errors most people encounter including nearsigtedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. However the i.ProfilerPLUS is also capable of measuring what are known as higher-order aberrations that can degrade the quality of your vision.

Higher-order aberrations are very subtle imperfections and focusing errors that can affect visual quality, particularly when your pupils are large such as in low light conditions or at night. With the i.ProfilerPLUS the team at Vision Optics measure 1,500 different points in your eye. They combine this information with the data obtained during your traditional eye test and piece together an exact “fingerprint” of your eye. All of this data is then used to develop an i.Scription prescription. With i.Scription® Technology, ZEISS can manufacture a wholly customised lens ensuring each and every patient can benefit from personalised lenses and enhanced vision.

iProfiler-Patient-Brochure.pdf iProfiler-Patient-Brochure.pdf (1MB)