Protect your eyes from damaging UV with sunglasses.

At Vision Optics, we understand that sunglasses not only need to protect your eyes, but also need to look stylish.  We have an extensive range of sunglasses to suit any budget.

To ensure every patient experiences the ultimate in eye health and wellbeing, we carry sunglasses that have sufficient Ultra Violet (UV) protection to shield you from the harsh Australian sun.  Read more about UV and glare protection.

We also offer a range of polarised sunglass options. Polarised sunglasses work to cut down a substantial amount of glare caused from reflective surfaces.  Common uses of polarised sunglasses are for driving, sailing or lounging around at the beach.  Read more about the benefits of polarised sunglasses.

At Vision Optics, our sunglasses are available in both prescription and non prescription options. Please ask our friendly staff for recommendations.