Why Choose Vision Optics

Why Choose Vision Optics

Our passion is the health and wellbeing of your eyes.

Vision Optics was established in January 1981.  Yes, that’s over 30 years in operation and we have treated over 30,000 individual patients during this time.  

Owner and principal optomterist, Andrew Angeli entered optometry school to make a difference to patients' vision outcomes over a lifetime, and not just to dispense and sell glasses.

At Vision Optics, our goal is to save vision in as many patients as possible.  Your eye health is our priority and we have invested many years in study and the finest available equipment to provide the greatest level of eye care possible.

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our spectacles.  Your most precious sense deserves optimal quality.  Not only do you need to see well with your spectacles, but you also need to feel good wearing them.  At Vision Optics, our goal is to ensure they enhance your life.